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Current Radar View from WTOC

Radar View: This is a composite reflectivity view of the National Weather Service Doppler radar system primarily showing the output from three radar sites overlapping the Savannah region … Grays, SC (CLX), Jacksonville, FL (JAX) and Peachtree City, GA (FFC). At times it will also show data from Columbia, SC (CAE) and Warner Robins, GA (JGX)).

This view is set at 115 statute miles (100 nautical) in all directions from our station in Savannah and is produced every 5 minutes for our Internet site. The animation is of one hour period.

History: For many years, WTOC TV was the only station in Savannah owning a live Doppler weather radar. Shortly after the passage of hurricane “David” in 1979, the station purchased its first radar, an “AVQ-10” and was located at the 185 foot level of their studio tower at 516 Abercorn street. This provided instant displays of rain and thunderstorms to the viewers watching WTOC. The radar was replaced in 1984 with the new Doppler radar technology; a Collins Doprad 32 from Advanced Designs Corporation.

As technology advanced, so did the radar. It went through extensive upgrading in 1989 (to Doprad II), in 1998 (to Doprad III) and then in 2003 with a new 160 foot tower and 72 inch parabolic dish antenna at our present location off I-16 at Chatham parkway. A final software/hardware upgrade in 2013 enhanced the output of the radar. However, in June of 2014, a massive lightning strike literally vaporized several microchips in the hardware computer disabling the unit beyond reasonable repair. The option of buying a new system was not cost efficient and the system was decommissioned in December of that year.